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AirTrav Inc – a boutique aviation, transport and travel consultancy

AirTrav Inc. serves the transportation and travel industries, including the airline, airport, defence, government, investment, logistics, maritime, roadhaul and travel management sectors.

As a boutique and responsive management consultancy, AirTrav rapidly deploys its professional experts worldwide to deliver exceptional, customized and timely solutions for its customers.

AirTrav was founded in 2001 by industry veteran Robert Kokonis, an independent aviation analyst and go-to authority for Canada's Business News Network (BNN), other TV, radio, web and business print media, and a speaker at leading conferences across the globe.

AirTrav Inc. airline, airport, fuel management and travel industry experts provide global business perspective with local understandingWith associates worldwide, AirTrav delivers business planning, commercial, financial, fuel consulting, operational and strategic consulting to its diverse global client base.

AirTrav conducts due diligence and research for banks and private equity firms on aviation and travel investment matters.

In addition to head office level projects, AirTrav augments the resources of local management and GSA's.

Extensive Industry Expertise

AirTrav professionals have extensive experience in multiple disciplines and sectors such as:

 Airline - pax, cargo, GSA   Fuel efficiency evaluations
 Airport - CapEx planning  Fuel hedging / procurement
 Airport - traffic studies  GDS and CRS
  Business planning   Gov't & regulatory relations
  Channel distribution   Media and law support
  Commercial strategy   Pricing and revenue mgt
  Executive charter   Travel and supplier mgt
  Financial due diligence   Travel technology & IBE's
  Fleet & network planning   Turnarounds & crisis mgt

Customer Appeal

Our hands-on experience and lean size enables us to offer real-world guidance, fast speed-to-market and competitive pricing to a wide spectrum of customers.

From larger firms looking for relief from the generalist advice and high prices of major consulting firms, to smaller companies looking for relevant solutions at a reasonable cost, AirTrav delivers targeted, affordable expertise to all customers around the world.

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